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About Us

Our Story

"Although I was born in Maine, I was raised in upstate New York.  I joined the Merchant Marines in 1994 and spent the next twenty years traveling the world.


It was not until after I met my future wife in 2010, that I had ever considered leaving this work experience behind. In 2012, we were married and bought a beautiful home in Maryland.  I found out very soon, one of life’s little truths, that I cannot be a successfully married man from twelve thousand miles away.  Therefore, I retired from the Merchant Marines and began the next phase in my life.


It seemed like a natural transition to move from cooking on a ship to cooking for all my friends and family.  From there, Full Belly Catering sprung to life and now my passion for food has moved from my kitchen table to your event.


At Full Belly Catering, our dedication to putting our clients’ needs first is our number one reason for success. We operate within an exceedingly respectable code of ethics; we tolerate nothing less.


Our operating credo is: 'Your clients don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.'   We believe that taking a personal interest in each of our clients is mandatory."


-John Walsh, Chef / Owner, Full Belly Catering

Fresh Quality Foods

At Full Belly Catering, we love preparing scratch-made comfort foods and delicious meals using the finest farm fresh and locally grown ingredients, prepared in a way that reminds you of Grandma's kitchen.  We believe that food is best served family style in the company of friends and family.



Prepared with Love & Served with Love.

Service Areas

Full Belly Catering is filling bellies

across the Mid-Atlantic region!

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Full Belly Catering will show up on schedule and handle the food aspect of your event for you and you will be free to enjoy the festivity!

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